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Refuge Commission:

Round four voting

Refuge Movement 4: "Conflict" - Text Options

Refuge Movement 4: "Conflict" - Text Options

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Help Compose Our Next Commission


We are excited to announce a special commission that we will premiere at a to-be-scheduled upcoming concert. This unique, “crowd-sourced” commission by local composer Jonathan Kolm is entitled Refuge, and you get to participate in the composition process!

The winning text of Round Four was "A Litany for Survival" by Audre Lorde.

Voting for the text of the fourth movement, “Conflict”, concluded on November 11, and you selected "A Litany for Survival" by Audre Lorde. Watch the above video to hear ACS members recite the text options.

The three text options are “A Litany for Survival” by Audre Lorde, “A Meditation in Time of War” by William Butler Yeats, and “Conflict” by Sara Teasdale.

We are so looking forward to presenting this one-of-a-kind piece, and we hope you will cast your votes and join us on this journey!

Click the movements below to learn more about the previously selected texts:

Movement One | Movement Two | Movement Three

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